Frenetic Engineering - Talent Show

Get your talents out! Lorraine, Julie and Kevin the trainee get everyone excited and involved in the Talent Show

Any talent goes – no nasty judges here and clap to activate the clap-o-meter to decide the winner. Each interaction ends with an amazing, no expense spared awards ceremony to ‘We Are The Champions’, complete with a party popper pyro finale!

Frenetic Engineering 1

Mike Hancock - King of All Angels

Veteran performer seen at the Fair in many guises is An 8 foot stilt Elvis angel on his comeback tour singing his hits and meeting his fans.

Mike Hancock -  King of all Angels 1

Innerstate - Western Trot About

Look out for two aged gun slingers on some equally tired horses who have arrived in town from a rough ride out there on the range. Dusty, and ready for a drink. Yee-haw!


Michael Angelo

A much loved character seen at many Traquair events. Michael Angelo can juggle, unicycle and do just about anything on stilts!

Michael angelo