George Orange - Man on the Moon

George Orange is an eccentric clown and slack-rope dancer from Chicago who ran away with the American circus in 1989. He has been a performance artist, cruise ship entertainer, drag performer, teacher and mascot.

George has come via the Moon and brought a bit of it with him. Follow his journey with slack rope walking, contortionism, bottle balancing and help him walk across the moon.

George is truly one of a kind; take a trip with him down the rabbit hole of his show, an experience not to be missed.

George Orange - Man on the Moon effect (2)

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane will win your hearts as she hot foots it from the saloon bars of the Wild West (well, the Dog and Duck in Bristol…). She’s a rootin’ tootin’ cowgirl with a trusty steed Lightnin’. She just wants to lasso, throw her knives and get herself a boyfriend but it soon becomes clear how she got her name.

She’s rough, she’s tough and she ain’t no lady. She’s been practicing her lasso line dancing to a soundtrack of Dolly Parton hoping to impress Wild Bill. She would love to stand by her man if only she could catch him.

Calamity Jane 2

Martell's Raiders

The longest known performing Wild West Show in the world! Travel back to the days of the Wild West, to the smell of the gunpowder, the creak of the leather, the crack of the bullwhips and the whirl of the lariat. See some great stunts such as gun spinning, fast draw, rope, bull whips, and fights. And later join their workshop to learn some rope spinning, lariat throwing and other great skills.

Martells Raiders

Elite Pro Dance

Scotland’s hottest new professional cheerleading squad will bring a truly American flavour throughout the day with high energy routines and gymnastic stunts.

Laura Elite Troupe on my Lorra Coupe

Two Faced Dance Company - Kapow!

Roll up, roll up and join us for the inaugural Superhero Games!

Three of planet Earth’s greatest superheroes are getting ready to battle it out for the title of ‘Most Supreme Superhero… Ever’, and YOU are invited to join them.

Cheer on your favourite, boo the baddie and watch as these unlikely figures of manliness take on the impossible. Who will succeed in flying like a bird? Who will quick-change faster than you can blink? And who will defeat the ultimate bad-guy?

Involving audience interaction, super costumes and phenomenal dance, KAPOW has something for all ages. After all, who doesn’t love a superhero?


Kick the Cat - Appalachian Folk Dance

This Edinburgh based dance group perform Appalachian Clog dance which originated as early as the 18th century in the Appalachian mountains when generations of New World settlers came with their traditional dance steps and were blended together with rhythms of African slaves and the dance steps of native Indians. In practice it’s something like a cross between Irish dance, traditional English dance, and clogging. Come and see for yourself.

Kick the cat 1

LeRoc Dancers - Demos and Workshops

Demonstrations of some vintage rock n roll dancing incorporating jive, hop, lindy, and rock n Roll followed by a workshop with Chalky Whyte – one of the highest qualified Le Roc teachers in Scotland today.

leroc l